Welcome to the Ecological Engineering Laboratory in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University. Our laboratory is focused on harnessing natural processes in the landscape to eliminate contaminants from water and soil, and ensure the quality of these resources for societal needs and ecosystem health.

Our group uses a combination of techniques and approaches from analytical environmental chemistry, molecular microbiology, and mathematical modeling to characterize the coupled chemical, biological, and physical processes that control contaminant transport and transformation in the environment. The environmental systems we study include wetlands (both natural and constructed), bioreactors integrated within agroecosystems or stormwater infrastructure, as well as agricultural rice paddy soils. We address questions across multiple scales and levels of complexity, from pure culture to field measurements. Please see the Research page for more information about current projects.

We are looking for curious and motivated PhD students to join our group.  Contact Prof. Reid for more information: mcr239@cornell.edu


Group Outing to Atlas Bowl

The Reid Lab celebrated the end of the semester and kicked off the summer with an outing to Atlas Bowl in...

New Publication in ES&T

9.2017: A new study on arsenic biomethylation in an anaerobic culture enriched from Mekong Delta rice paddy soil has been published in ES&T.  Key findings include the observation that anaerobes are capable of efficient arsenic methylation, despite the toxicity of...

Scott Maguffin Joins Group

12.2016: Scott Maguffin joined the group at the beginning of December, after completing his PhD at the University of Oregon and a short stint with AGU in Washington, D.C.  He will work on the NSF-funded project “Investigating the Limits of Arsenic Methylation in...