Author: Matthew Charles Reid

New paper in Water Research

August 2023.   Jenna Israel assessed climate change impacts on denitrification performance of woodchip bioreactors.  Warmer temperatures are expected to outweigh effects of intensified precipitation and shorter hydraulic residence times, leading to a net improvement in nitrate load reductions.

Field Trip to Hudson River Tidal Wetlands

August 2023.  Yizhuo, Liz, and Ava traveled to the Piermont and Norrie Point Tidal Marshes to perform field sampling and measurements of hydroxyl radical production in tidal wetland sediments.  This is part of a project studying the effects of wetland salinization on the stability of carbon in tidal wetland sediments.

New Publication in GCA

Higher manganese concentrations in rice paddy soils suppressed arsenic mobilization. Find out why in new research from Scott and Lena published in GCA.  Thanks to great collaborators at NSLS-II and Dale Bumpers National Rice Research Center for making this possible!

Group Outing to Atlas Bowl

The Reid Lab celebrated the end of the semester and kicked off the summer with an outing to Atlas Bowl in Trumansburg.

New Publication in ES&T

9.2017: A new study on arsenic biomethylation in an anaerobic culture enriched from Mekong Delta rice paddy soil has been published in ES&T.  Key findings include the observation that anaerobes are capable of efficient arsenic methylation, despite the toxicity of trivalent methylated products, as well as a broader view of arsM diversity through a new degenerate primer pair and amplicon sequencing.

Scott Maguffin Joins Group

12.2016: Scott Maguffin joined the group at the beginning of December, after completing his PhD at the University of Oregon and a short stint with AGU in Washington, D.C.  He will work on the NSF-funded project “Investigating the Limits of Arsenic Methylation in the Critical Zone.”   Welcome!

Philip McGuire awarded IGERT grant

12.2016: Phil was awarded a grant from Cornell’s IGERT program in Cross-Scale Biogeochemistry and Climate in support of his project: “Characterization of Nitrous Oxide Emission Hotspots and Microbial Gradients in Denitrifying Bioreactors.”  Congratulations Phil!

Research Spotlight in EOS

February 2016

Research from our group has been featured in AGU’s EOS Magazine: